Types Of Paper Shredding Services

Types Of Paper Shredding Services

In the current day world, it is extremely essential for both individuals and businesses to possess a secure way of destroying their most sensitive documents to be able to avert the risk of criminal activities for example fraud and id theft. Once a business or individual enlists the shredding services associated with a paper destruction company, the document destruction process guarantees that no individual occasion to have a glance at the documents again. Shredding services usually look after all kinds of organizations including medicine, law and technology among other fields. Shredding services assist with the removal of all office binders, files boxes and bins until the entire shredding process is complete. There are two kinds of shredding services an organization can offer it; off-site document destruction and on-site document destruction.  ATI Secure Docs – Atlanta Location

On-site document destruction is how the entire shredding process is done at your location. The shredding service you hire bring their truck along to shred all your paperwork with the help of a machine mounted on the back of the18 wheeler. The staff of the shredding service retrieve every one of the boxes and bins of documents and run them through the shredding machine about the truck. These employees are individuals who undergo a special training and have their criminal backgrounds checked ahead of recruitment. Once the shredding process continues to be completed, the shredding service provides a certificate of destruction to certify the actual date and time the documents were destroyed. After that, all the shredded piece are shipped to a recycling facility where they are utilised to manufacture new paper products.

Off-site document destruction however is different from on-site destruction. In this process, the shredding service only concerns your business premises to grab all the documents you need destroyed. The shredding service provides locked bins at work. Once the bins are full, they are returned to the shredding company�s yard for accumulation before the actual shredding. The accumulated documents are then picked up and shipped to a safe location where all of the destruction is done. On completing the shredding, a certificate of destruction is issued by the shredding plan to certify the actual starting time and date when the documents were destroyed.

For people or businesses that want to maintain a high level of secrecy and confidentiality making use of their documents, on-site document destruction services are the most useful. This is because you are going to personally witness the destruction of all documents. This is unlike off-site destruction what your location is not in a position to witness the paper destruction process. Furthermore, off-site document destruction can’t be trusted completely because some documents could possibly get lost during transportation and end up in the wrong hands.  ATI Secure Docs – Atlanta Location

If you want a stress free way of disposing your entire office paperwork and documents, it is good to look for a shredding service. Most of these companies are ones you can rely on with the handling and destruction of one’s information. Forget the need having to purchase a shredder for each office desk.


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